Being in the Opportunity Class

Being in the O.C is great fun. We have most of the latest technology like a smart board, computers and that sort of  stuff.  Being in the O.C not only means extending your mind upwards but outwards aswell. We are doing a class investigation called Murder under the Microscope. It isn’t very gory (thank goodness), but it is really fun. We recently had a marble day (unique to the O.C) which was really fun. We watched UP, it was a bit babyish, but it was pretty good. Marble day occurs when we fill up a jar with marbles. Every time we do some good work or show the YCDI foundation we get a marble in the jar. When we fill up the jar we get a marble day where we get a day of no work and games. I love marble day, and I hope to have another soon.
Hopefully we get to do a thing called Thinkfest this year but the officials are thinking about calling it off. It was really good last year.
This is what happens in the opportunity class.
By Jono !

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