My dad is the best dad EVER!

My dad rules because he is fun loving and free, cool and careless and best of all, he is a great role model to me.

He loves his new(ish) motorbike lots, because it was one he always wanted as a child and he usually takes me out on rides in the back of it.

My dad is awesome, but there are to many good things to list here. But most of all,

I love him.

Why you should visit my blog!

You just have to visit my blog for the reasons I’ll tell. I have spent alot of time on my blog, making sure it was all nice and in order and looking great and that people visited it. You can learn about me, one example being my favourite car post( I love cars), my about page and all of my posts.

Firstly, I think my blog shows you about me and my life, without giving away to much. I think its looks great, but you can judge otherwise.

So if you want a fun, interactive blog C’mon, check my blog (you know you want to)

Stage 3 Camp – Morisset

On Wednesday, week 1 of term 3 all of years 5 & 6 loaded onto 2 separate buses – one for year 5 and one for year 6. After the 2 hour trip (spent mainly listening to my iPod, and listening to my homeys sing horridly), we arrived at the Active Education Center. The first thing we did was collect our baggage and receive our cabin numbers. I got number 1. I was in a cabin with Mitch E, Mitch C, Billy, Jake, Jack, Hayden and Brendon S who camped on the spare bunk on the second night.

For our first activity we did the dual flying fox. It’s where 2 people get harnessed up and clipped on to a set of concave wheels along a 100 metre long wire that ended in a big wooden pole. We had stopped before then because of this state- of- the- art flying fox breaking system- a weight attached to a rope which was attached to a bumper which was on the wire. If that didn’t stop you then there was just another bumper that was attached to a sturdy rope that would stop you instantly. If that didn’t stop you then there was the pole to run into.

After we had a delicious lunch we did rock climbing. I personally couldn’t conquer the 10 metre green (hard) wall but Kaleb (a guy in our group) made it to the top so our little groupie of 5 people got milkshakes. They were lovely.

Then we had our showers and stuff then entered the meeting hall. We split up into groups of 10 and played some games like see who could get around a table without touching the ground. There were safety mats just in case. We also did stuff like dip any part of your face in some vaseline and then into a bowl full of cotton balls and then see if you could find a way to drop them into a bowl at the other end of the room (well….. about half way across) and I won at losing that one.

We got up at 6:45 on Thursday morning and had brekky. The choices were the freshly made stuff- pancakes, scrambled eggs or the cereals- Weet Bix, Rice Rubbles, Coco pops and Cornflakes. I chose the Coco Pops.

Next was the all- fabled GIANT SWING (Dump- dump-dumb).

Giant swing procedure.

So it seems you have wound up at the door of the GIANT SWING. It may sound like a park swing, but add in a harness instead of the seat, and times it by about 20. Hopefully you have ended up with the twenty metre high, gut wrenching, spine tingling monster they all call the Giant swing.


1. Be very iffy about deciding whether to do on the giant swing. There are two options here:

Not go on it (smart choice but you’re a woos) OR

Go on it (if you chose this read on)

You have chosen to to take on the challenge of the giant swing. Get harnessed up (hopefully you’re still scared otherwise it’s not fun) and climb up the ladder when it is your turn. The instructors will buckle you up with the double way carabiner and remove the ladder from beneath you. You’re on your own now. ” 3…..2….1…..RUN!” the instructors will say to the team and you will float up to the top where you will dangle for a few seconds before you pull on the evil little green bead and fall towards the ground at extremely high speed before you will be yanked uncomfortably up and keep swinging for a minute or so before the instructor will grab your legs then they will unhook you and be free from the giant swing’s evil clutches.

Of course I experiencd all this otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it’s like in that dramatic fashion

That night we did a games night thingy where there were lots of things to do like mechanical surf board and bungee run. I was on the milkshake stall. After we all had a shower we went to bed.

As dawn broke we were woken up and had to pack our bags. Today was our last day unfortunately and I wasn’t looking forward to our activities. Archery and canoeing. Archery was boring because we had to wait a very long time for a go and only got three arrows. Canoeing wasn’t very good because I was the only one doing any work in our three person canoe and we didn’t get to go up the river like all the other groups did. The bus trip home was the same as the bus trip there. Long and boring.

That was our trip to Morisset camp.

The Black Death

The Black Death killed more than 75 million people (that’s alot!) between 1347 & 1351 in Europe & Asia. It was a deadly plague but it’s not around now days. The medical term for it is Bubonic Plague.


Victims suffered high fever, aching limbs & severe coughing. Buboes( the swellings) soon reared their ugly selves in the neck, armpits & groin areas. These then grew into big red bulbs, which then turned black. Sufferers vomited blood & the buboes continued to grow until they popped.

Murder Under the Microscope

Murder Under the Microscope is a fun way to learn about scientific stuff like investigating, constructing & trialing and scientific mumbo jumbo. It is great fun and last year was pretty good. 2009’s crime site was the Caboolture river, the victim being the Blue Banded Bee & the villan was habitat clearing. This year’s MuM has finished and we got one wrong. Just 1!

Being in the Opportunity Class

Being in the O.C is great fun. We have most of the latest technology like a smart board, computers and that sort of  stuff.  Being in the O.C not only means extending your mind upwards but outwards aswell. We are doing a class investigation called Murder under the Microscope. It isn’t very gory (thank goodness), but it is really fun. We recently had a marble day (unique to the O.C) which was really fun. We watched UP, it was a bit babyish, but it was pretty good. Marble day occurs when we fill up a jar with marbles. Every time we do some good work or show the YCDI foundation we get a marble in the jar. When we fill up the jar we get a marble day where we get a day of no work and games. I love marble day, and I hope to have another soon.
Hopefully we get to do a thing called Thinkfest this year but the officials are thinking about calling it off. It was really good last year.
This is what happens in the opportunity class.
By Jono !